Low Key Dueling Piano Bar, AZ

Problem: Poor Weekday Sales

Solution: Strategic Digital Marketing Campaign
– Revamp of Social Engagement on all platforms
– Implementation of Strategic Social Ads
– Creation of 1ยข Fishbowl Giveaway Campaign
– Creation of Text Rewards Club

– Campaign Reached 34,500+ People
– Over 500 people joined the Text Rewards Club
– Weekday Sales Increased by 210%

Dolphinaris Arizona, AZ

Problem: Poor Website Traction / Sales

Solution: Social Media Face-Lift
– Positive Consumer Engagement
– Daily Social Media Posting on all platforms
– Implementation Strategic Social Ads
– Ad Spend on current deal that month

– Campaign Reached 180,000+ People
– Increased website traffic by 404%
– Increased website conversions by 516%
– 49x ROI for Month Long Campaign

Devil’s Advocate Bar & Grill, AZ

Problem: Poor Weekday Happy Hour Sales

Solution: Strategic Digital Ad Campaign
– Creation of Social Ad Campaign
– Implementation of Strategic Social Ads
– Placement of ads in front of target demographic

– 1 Week Campaign Reached 13,500+ People from Target Market
– Weekday Happy Hour Sales Increased by 105%